Additional Document and Document Templates

As I’m getting our teams to engage more with Asana, I’d also like to utilize it for some of our documents. You have the option on the Project Overview to do a ‘Project Brief’. You also have a similar text editor when you use the ‘Message’ feature.

So this request is a bit of a two part. First it would be great to add the ability to create more documents under the ‘Key Resources’ section other than just Project Brief and attaching files. This could include creating documents such as Meeting Notes, Project RACI/Stakeholder Contact List, Work Back Schedule, PRFAQ, Requirements Doc, etc.

To then make this easier and more tailored for each team, it would also be great to create document templates. So we can templates for Meeting Notes or Requirements Docs so when you go to create a new doc you can choose one of these templates (created by the team) to easily get the document up and running. (This would also be great to include with Project Templates, so you can have certain documents added with each new project created from a template).

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