Asana for Event/Live-Stream Live-gig

Hey Asana people! I’m looking for any inspiration to use Asana for different Events or Concerts.

The structure now is create project from template (different templates depending on the type of project, ie Event, Live Stream, Concert/Live-gig) we then put it in a portfolio depending on if the project is from a client to the end-customer or directly to us from the customer.

We then put in whatever task is needed, and cross off accordingly.
We use a brief that is in textform, which we also put in the “How W’ll Collaborate” to fill with information.

If we book personell it’s mostly freelance people, meaning that they’re not connected to the project, so when we book people we use a column for their names.
Same goes for different technical bookings etc.

When I tried to put the information from tasks into a “asana project brief” i noticed, information in columns is not available to apply in the “asana project brief” (and each task gets a specific link, which, to outside sources is not necessary)
And it would be amazing to incorporate the text form based brief we have, with the asana brief, and make it a bit more seamless if possible, and still make it sendable to outside sources that won’t have access to Asana.

So if anyone has any ideas of how to work with briefs or Event/Live-gigs in asana, let me know!

Now, I understand that this was a lot of text also, so,
TDLR: Looking for inspo on how to use Asana for Events/Concerts and sending out text-based briefs to outside sources with tasks and general information.

Kind Regards. Stefan

Hi @Stefan_Aaltonen, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Here are some resources on how to use Asana for. Event planning:

In regard to your project brief, you can currently add links, emojis, images, section breaks, tables and. @ mention tasks, teammates, projects, etc: Project Overview • Asana Product Guide. Could you confirm what information from the task you are not able to add?

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Hi thanks for the information! Will check them out!
What I can’t add in a project brief is for example the different columns I can make in the project.
Say I make a column to have names put in for each row (booking people on different positions) what will be taken from each row is only the task-name (book camerman) and not the column where the name is. (I know an easy solution is to just change taskname and make a structure around that).