Communication Plan

Has anyone created a communication plan within Asana? I am referring to the type of who/what/when/how communication plan for a single project - separate from a marketing plan. Or are you still creating yours in Word or Excel and then transferring into tasks within your editorial or content calendar?
Here’s an example of what I mean:

@Crystal_Alifanow, Did you consider a project template like:

  • Project Name: <Project> Communication Plan
  • Sections: <Audience>
  • Task Title: <Deliverable>
  • Start date - Due date: <Timeline>
  • Custom fields: <Owner>, <Delivery Method>, <Description>


Hey Larry. I tried like this. You can see I used custom fields to create the columns of the excel sheet. But even with the spreadsheet style look of Asana, it just doesn’t have the same readability to me. So I was wondering how others work.


Whoops, I used some special characters in my last post so some key info I posted got hidden; I just escaped those so they can be seen now if you look above.

My approach was a little different than yours but yes, it won’t look as good out of the box. You could use more dropdown custom fields, emoji, color choice, etc., but that’s the best you can do.

Another idea is to use Asana2Go, and still another is to consider cover images and Board view, but utility may suffer.



Hi Crystal! I do love this. But, one option is to attach the Communications Plan in whatever format: google sheets/docs document to the Project Overview.

OR Create a Project Plan and have different sections and then have a task template with the Communications Plan Attached.