New to project management

Hello everyone
I have recently taken on a whole bunch of projects at work that I’m going to organize and collaborate via asana.
I’m fairly new to project management and was hoping to find some examples on how to organize myself in the best way. The projects are just ideas at this point, I need to flush out viability, details, who’s involved, timelines and so on.
If you have any resources and ideas that you can share that would help me it would be appreciated


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Hi @Sabine_Blackburn- thanks for sharing! There are dozens of superb project managers in the community who can chime in with more resources, and a few I’d recommend to get you started from the Guide are:


Thanks @Kaitie I will check out the ones that I haven’t seen, especially the course.

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We also have quite a few examples on Templana.


Hi @Sabine_Blackburn. Welcome to the community. This site will be very helpful for you as you begin to learn Asana.

If you’re looking to take a step back so that you can better decide how you want to structure your Asana projects, you can do some exploring into methodologies and productivity techniques. I am not an expert on either but I’ve been trying to learn more and have found having a better understanding of these, has made using Asana easier for me.

I know there are methodologies of overall project structure such as Waterfall and SCRUM and then there are productivity techniques that are focused more on task execution such as Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done (GTD) and Kanban.


Thanks @Crystal_Alifanow, yes finding the methodologies that work best is what I have been struggling with. Working in Asana is quite intuitive and easy to manage.
How to setup my workflow to make the most sense seems to be taking the longest :slight_smile:

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Oh Wow that is super cool and will give me a lot of help and ideas. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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@Sabine_Blackburn I found Paul Minor’s videos on YouTube to be very helpful when I started out.


@Sabine_Blackburn - I’ve also found it helpful to get input when I encounter a specific perplexing situation. This community is great, and I’ve also got some internal resources that I bounce ideas off. But after you get the general overview, don’t hesitate to post here with a specific situation as that’s often where people can give concrete ideas and maybe provide you a clearer idea of possible ways to organize and structure projects, tasks, teams, etc.