Structure/Tips for Using Asana as a basic CRM for Networking

Has anyone got any suggestions on a Structure for using Asana as a basic CRM. Being a contracting PM need to make sure I keep in contact with the people in my network so if and when this gig finishes I have already establish connections with potential next roles.

I have set something up but it is not really working for me as I get Tasks with the same name and the Project is not organised to provide an easy view of what I am doing.

My current structure looks like this;
Single Project.

Multiple Sections

  • Active Discussions
  • Monthly Followup
  • Backlog

Each Person is there Own Task.
Each Person has the following subtasks;

  • Initial ReConnect
  • Update Comment with results of Conversation
  • Monthly Touch Base

Any ideas would be most welcome.

you’re welcome
this is volume 1/5 bc
I don’t pay for the
video screenshot program
so I only have 10min
per video

Thanks @FATBOY.
Now learning for me… Just read the community update from @Alexis and notes the comment re Asana and CRM. Should have searched before posting…

It happens :smile: