CRM in Asana

I’ve been playing around with Asana and so far I love it. Recently I’ve read some posts about people using it for CRM’s. Does anyone here use it for that purpose and willing to share with me?

What I’m looking for is not so much a CRM but a simple contact manager. I want to be able to keep track of my clients information, and the companies they work for. In addition I’d like to be able to add as many notes as I need to every time I have an interaction with a customer. I don’t need it to manage my emails, show me who I haven’t contacted in a while or any analytical stuff a typical CRM does. Is this possible in Asana?


We are using Asana as a CRM but still in the process of trying to find what works for us. We setup a project titled CRM - Contacts and each task is a client. Using custom fields you can set it up to where you can see important info at a glance (in list view).

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If you come up with anything better let me know lol I have been working on this a while.

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We use it as more of a prospecting funnel not a traditional CRM setup but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just use a really scaled back free CRM solution like HubSpot. It doesn’t need to track emails or give you much of any info that you don’t want to see. Plus with all the integrations that exist or integration tools like Zapier you can automate some things that you’d need.


Hello @Fred_Claus, you may try to manage your business in one place and it is good but you must probably need a better way to handle your CRM operations as @Efa_Mboto said.

There are thousands of tools to manage operations for business and we use and consult ERPNext which has a really strong CRM module. We arrange a meeting to gather the requirements and we present a solution. We also manage software development projects in asana.

You can message me if you need help.


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