Does Asana have a CRM?

I want to find out if Asana uses CRM or asana is a CRM used for Management.

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Hi @Manisha You might find the following links interesting:

We are also trying at Templana to offer a CRM template: Templana, anything is possible with Asana

Many people are asking for a CRM solution using Asana, maybe some clever developer can tackle this issue!


Does Asana have any plans to add a CRM feature? I’m not interested in any “hacks”.

I would share how we have implemented a CRM within our Asana setup but sounds like you are not looking for help on doing that with the current tools Asana provides. If you decide to look into how others have used Asana as a CRM you can find some posts in the “Use Cases” section. Here are a few helpful posts:

Asana & CRM
Does Asana have a CRM?

Anyways, it would be best to move this post to the Product Feedback section of the forum. Then other members of the forum can vote on your idea and boost its visibility to the Asana team and their future plans for adding new features.

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Right. I’m not looking for a work around. I know that Asana is growing so my question is if they are exploring adding a CRM anytime in the near future. If not I will continue to look for what I need outside of the Asana platform.

I believe “adding a CRM” is too broad, and such a product feedback is a bit useless, I suggest you all make more specific requests in the form of dedicated threads…

For project management, I like Asana. Toggl is my favorite time tracking app. We’re primarily a design/development firm, and we use Zendesk to manage client communication. It’s fantastic in that regard. It’s terrible for task management and time tracking. Reporting is infuriatingly complicated, and I’ll be cancelling my subscription to all but the base helpdesk product as soon as it’s up for renewal.