Best Practices for Customer Success Management teams

Hello @Alexis and the rest of the CSM team. I have recently moved into the position of VP of Customer Success for my company. I would love to know if you are managing your customer accounts entirely in Asana or if you use a more specific SaaS for CSM, like Totango. I’m secretly (not secretly!) hoping that you do everything in Asana and have the ultimate workflows and templates which you are ready to share​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

If there are CSM folks in the community, I’ll take any and all recommendations. We’re currently in the no-man’s land, multi-platform nightmare that is Asana, JIRA/Confluence, FreshDesk and get ready for it… Netsuite. :flushed: We are predominantly a manufacturing org with a new SaaS product… our business model is anything but traditional. My goal is to streamline where possible without pissing people off.


@Kaitie any thoughts here?

Hi Cameron,

I am pretty sure you can handle everything in Asana and enjoy the benefits of an unified view and no trouble and friction while switching between and maintaining multiple tools.

For instance, when people file a request you can use Wufoo to create a task out of this form/request.

I blogged en detail how you can convince your colleagues in your company for Asana here in the Community.

Good luck and welcome to Asana,

Hi @Cameron_Chinatti,

Great question! I suggest you visit this thread about using Asana as a CRM tool

While we previously used Asana as a CRM tool and we still keep some customer information in Asana, we have now transitioned to Salesforce as our primary tool. Our key toolset includes: Asana, Salesforce, and Looker.

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Hey Cameron, where did you end up here? My team recently adopted Asana as our project management solution, but I’m thinking we might be able to use it for a quasi-crm as well, keeping track of client ARR, renewal dates, upsell opportunities, & any other ongoing initiatives that might be good to keep centralized. Still thinking this through though. Thanks!

I’ve worked for two SaaS companies and used churn management of SubscriptionFlow and now Gainsight. However, prior to receiving approval to purchase those, I was managing my BoB using Excel or Google Sheets. Maintaining an account list, revenue, meeting notes, action items, reminders, key client contacts, goals/outcomes, client insights or “gotchas” to remember, and so on. If you develop these habits and organizational mindsets now, implementing a CSM software solution will be much easier later on.

Others I’ve seen use Evernote, OneNote, or something similar for their clients, with a page for each.
All of this helped me stay organized in between client calls, but it can be time-consuming to set up at first, especially with 300 clients. Just take it one step at a time and you’ll be there in a few months.