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Does anyone have any ideas for how they are using Asana for account management? I want to make sure everyone is aware of updates related to a single client but not sure the best way to do this in Asana. Any comments would be helpful!

Hi @Hannah_Harrison1, thanks for reaching out!

I suggest you to check this announcement with more details about how to use Asana for Sales and Account Management:

I hope this helps!

Following this thread.

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Thank you @Emily_Roman! I did read that article and saw the suggested templates.

I’m looking at account management after sales. I was wondering if people use separate projects per account or keep all of their accounts in the same project. We are hoping to use it as a place to track updates with the accounts that the organization would need transparency into.

Hello Hannah,
I use Asana for Customer Success and Account Management.
Basically, I made a Team for each of our products, and a separate project per client. Each new client gets a project, generated from a template I made with all sales and CS-related tasks.
I then end up with a basic Kanban board for each customer, and the Revenue team and I review each once per week, alternating one product per week.
I’d be happy to share more info if you’d like.


Hey Marc, this is interesting. Would you be able to share your templates? Or screenshot them? Sounds like a pretty robust process, I’d love to learn more!

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Hi @Marc-Andre_Ferguson,
Would love to be able to see what you created. I’m working to set up Asana for a law office and would like to understand how you used Team for products. Like @Patrick_Ruster said - I’d love to learn more!

Hi @Patrick_Ruster and @Linda_Stockwell, thanks for reaching out.

I had to take some screenshots of our system and blur out some details, but in a nutshell:
We tracked leads and overall stage in our sales funnel. I also used a custom field to denote particular things, like “did the client receive the API”, etc.
Each client then had a separate project where I used tasks to track everything from to-do’s to projects (with subtasks) to contact info.
I started each client with a template with every step needed to close a deal.

![Sales Funnel|690x348]

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Seems one image did not upload, here it is:

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For clarity, we provide a Mobile Measurement tool for programmatic advertising, which is shipped as a JavaScript, or Tag, hence the jargon :slight_smile:

Hey @Marc-Andre_Ferguson

Very good user case! Thanks for adding screen shots. Very useful … I too took away some tips :wink::+1:t4: