Account Management in Asana

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Does anyone have any ideas for how they are using Asana for account management? I want to make sure everyone is aware of updates related to a single client but not sure the best way to do this in Asana. Any comments would be helpful!

Hi @Hannah_Harrison1, thanks for reaching out!

I suggest you to check this announcement with more details about how to use Asana for Sales and Account Management:

I hope this helps!

Following this thread.

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Thank you @Emily_Roman! I did read that article and saw the suggested templates.

I’m looking at account management after sales. I was wondering if people use separate projects per account or keep all of their accounts in the same project. We are hoping to use it as a place to track updates with the accounts that the organization would need transparency into.

Hello Hannah,
I use Asana for Customer Success and Account Management.
Basically, I made a Team for each of our products, and a separate project per client. Each new client gets a project, generated from a template I made with all sales and CS-related tasks.
I then end up with a basic Kanban board for each customer, and the Revenue team and I review each once per week, alternating one product per week.
I’d be happy to share more info if you’d like.

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Hey Marc, this is interesting. Would you be able to share your templates? Or screenshot them? Sounds like a pretty robust process, I’d love to learn more!