How we can organize contacts and accounts?

Please advise how we can organize contacts and accounts? Can we do it thru forms or we have to connect thru API with CRM or …? Thanks, Tom

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Hi @Tom_Gavazzi, thanks for reaching out!

We have two articles in our Ways to Use Asana guide that can help you here:

I hope this helps! feel free to reach out if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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As I said in the other thread, that could depend on how many you have, what you want to to do with them and how they are connected to each other. A simple project with custom fields for each would be a good start…

@Tom_Gavazzi just wanted to advise that currently Custom Fields of the Dropdown type a limited to 50 options.

In order to maintain a level of consistency across account and contact names, you might have to get creative with this. Personally, this is how I manage account and contacts.

  • Each account has its own project (within the team that owns that territory)
  • Each stakeholder (contact) is a task listed under a “Stakeholder” Section within the account project they belong to
  • @mention Reporting is setup to track where stakeholders are mentioned within descriptions/comments throughout Asana - see The Power 💪 of @mention & Advanced Reports combined for details.
  • A Portfolio is setup for each territory and each account project within this territory is added to the Portfolio
  • Custom Fields are setup to designate who the internal stakeholders (Sales, PM, Marketing, etc) that is responsible for this account as they aren’t always geographically assigned
  • Use the Google Sheet Integration to pull all the Account Projects into a system that I can link to other internal/external tools for data integrity checks (do I have all accounts/contacts noted, for example)

Hope this is helpful. If you have more specific questions on this setup, don’t hesitate to ask here or PM me. Many of the other features (Timeline, Progress, Dashboard, etc) are used to keep people informed and the data current. Since I primarily manage this dataset currently we haven’t really leveraged Forms but I could see that as valuable if such was delegated.

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