Asana implementation for a service/trades business, help please!

Okay so i’m fully sold into Asana.

We are still in the trial period BUT its amazing.

However, i’m sure i am not using it correctly or efficiently.

There are only 3 of us at the company.

User 1: Director, admin, installer
User 2: Installer
User 3: Accounts

Currently, i am using the Sales Pipeline Template and a Task List Template as projects in my team.

User 1 (myself) inputs ALL tasks into My Tasks.

From there he assigns whether its a JOB (paying work) or a TASK (internal business activity, cleaning, building storage, product development).

If its a JOB, it puts it into the Sales Pipeline Project.

If its a TASK it puts it in to the Task List project.

What i am finding is getting confusing, is i seem to want to only work out of My Tasks which i think is wrong.


New client rings up asking for a quote on a project.
User 1: Create new task in my tasks.
Assign custom field to JOB

Then from within my tasks i add SubTasks and assign them to my self or User 2.
Sub Task 1: User 2 attend site and measure up
Sub Task 2: User 1 create quote.

Then as these tasks are done, i update a custom field within My Tasks to or and then a custom rule moves them around in sales pipeline for example.

I just feel like im configuring this in a very convoluted way.

Am i wrong in only working out of My Tasks?

Hey @Max_Middleton,

I would probably set up a team and projects within the team. So for example you can have a project for Sales and once a deal is closed it is multi-homed into another project for execution.

You can use the search in the forum to find more tips and examples and also check for some templates such as How Asana’s Sales Team uses Asana, How we can organize contacts and accounts? - #4 by LEGGO, Allocating hours, how to do this? - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Other templates can be found here
Free Sales Pipeline Template for Account Tracking [2023] • Asana,

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