New and Existing Customer Deals

I started using Asana in October 2021, and it has been great for organizing my team as we grow. One key aspect of our company is the customer retention as we provided MSSP and MSP as part of our services.

We currently have an integration with Salesforce that when a deal is moved to the “Qualification” phase, a project is created in Asana. But, a problem we ran into was having way too many projects of the same company, as they bought multiple services throughout the quarter.

My suggestion would be to create a blank project template with whatever sections you need for your organization and create a separate task template to go along with it.

For example:

I have 5 currently, as they all have similar, but also some differing tasks. This saves time from one task template and having to go through and delete/edit inapplicable tasks.


Amazing! :star_struck: Thanks for sharing @Mike_Tammaro!

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