Sync contact details?

I’m new to asana. I realize that you can sync Google calendar with asana but what about google contacts? Can I import my google or outlook contacts to asana?
Assuming that i would like to assign a task to someone who works with me on a project to call someone, do I have to manually copy that person’s information, including phone numbers, address and email address from my contacts list to the specific task in asana for him?


@Yadin_Elam you’ll probably be interested in Sendana, an Outlook-Asana integration created by @James_Carl, a Community Member here.

It looks like Zapier can also help you with connecting contacts from Google to Asana Connect your Asana to Google Contacts integration in 2 minutes | Zapier


@Alexis Thanks. I saw Sendana but I think it works for email messages and not for contacts.

Happy to help! Hopefully @James_Carl can provide more information.

@Yadin_Elam Need a couple clarification points. I assume you are trying to make a contact list in Asana, not import users of Asana which need to be invited. If that is the case, what would you think about a Project called contact list and create one contact per task. You then have the beginnings of a CRM and can use @mention tasks of the contact list to assignments. Is this what you want to end up with? There is no syncing of contacts that I know of but I think you can get them in. Are you syncing your Outlook and Gmail contacts with tools such as Gsyncit. Fieldston Software. I have actually been lobbying them to do real-time Asana to G-Mail calendar syncing (not that anybody really wants that :slight_smile: OK, I think I have a solution for you:

  1. Create a Project called Contact List or whatever you want to call it.
  2. Export your Google Contacts and/or Outlook Contacts to a CSV File to be opened by Excel or Google Sheets (I use Excel, the spreadsheet for adults :slight_smile: ).
  3. Clean up the file for duplicates and the columns that you want to capture in the task name , Last Name, First name, Address, email address etc. Just make sure the columns are exactly as you would want them.
  4. Now the special formula :). Use the Excel =CONCATENATE( command to combine the columns into a single line, if you want spaces put in another column and include in =concatenate command. Make sure your columns are formatted as TEXT.
  5. Once you are ready to go, copy the entire column that you want for your contact list by going to your first Asana blank task line and PASTE. If you want Sections just put them in your column to be pasted ie B:, C: … It will create a separate task for everyone of your contacts with all the information. This is a very easy solution, just need to make sure your contact list is clean. Of course Tasks within Projects can be sorted alphabetically so you can always make additions manually or keep your spreadsheet around for additions using the same steps.
  6. From there you will be able as I said earlier to use the @mention reference in any task you want the contact information in. In addition, with the contact list you can always share a task (contact) with another project by assigning to multiple projects.

Let me know what you think. Hopefully this helps.

P.S. if you are using Outlook on a PC you certainly should try Sendana To Asana which will save a ton of time in creation of tasks and project conversations as well as forwarding attachments.


James I’ve never used Asana but I’m buried in works. Briefly I am a sales rep for Shed company and we completely customize each shed at any given time I can have 150 - 200 pending in 6 - phases. I have Outlook on my desktop computer We have a corporate exchange account so I want one item to be able to sync contacts calendars and also be able to create pre made checklist for each shed. Is this possible with Asana?

@James_Carl :point_up_2::wink:

@Yadin_Elam were you able to find something that worked? I know what your looking for because it’s the same thing Im looking for.
Being able to access the google contacts so you can assign the contact to a task. right?
I’ve been looking two.
Trello has a power up that does exactly that Contalist. It accesses the contact from google contact, so you can assign a person to that task…totally make sense. Let me know if you found a way on Asana. The Zapier thing is a little confusing for me I like simple.

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Looks like there is a solution already. Well, here’s an alternative

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect Asana and Google Contacts accounts to
  2. Select the Google Contacts trigger as New or Updated Contact, and the Asana action as Add Task.
  3. Map the data you need.
  4. Test the integration and push it live.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: