⚖️ Asana for Account Management

Hi everyone, and welcome back to our “Asana in practice” video series!

I’m Cliona, a Customer Training Specialist at Asana, and I’m excited to share some best practices and practical examples for using Asana for Account Management!

If you’re using Asana for Account Management, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments, find out what workflows you’re using and if you have any tips to share.

Looking forward to the conversation in the comments below :speech_balloon:


@Cliona_Dowling, I see a picture but no link to a video like the other recent posts in #tips:asana-in-practice.



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Hi @lpb - thanks for the heads up! Should be okay now!


Awesome Video.


Cliona, Great Video. Our team is looking to replace our current unusable CSM tool and are wondering if Asana is a potential contender? One thing I did not see in your account management video was specifically how your Tableau and SFDC integrations are used in Account management. Can you direct me to another Video?

Hi @Jeff_Simmon, thanks for reaching out! I’m glad to hear that this video was helpful! We have another video on using Asana with Salesforce here which should definitely help you out. This article should help you with the Asana/Tableau integration.

If I can support with any additional questions that you may have on this use case, please let me know!

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Thanks @Cliona_Dowling. Do you have any integration with Jira?

Yes there is an integration with Jira but it is a one-way integration.

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