🛠 Asana for Operations Teams

Hi folks, and welcome to our “Asana in practice” video series!

In today’s video, we’re excited to share some best practices and practical examples for using Asana for Operations!

If you’re too managing your Operations with Asana, please share your experience in the comments below! We’d love to hear what workflow you’re using and if you’ve found some tricks to improve how you and your team manage your work.

Looking forward to reading your comments! :nerd_face:


Where are the resources?

Hi @Radlin_Abbott, thanks for reaching out! Could you please confirm what type of resources in addition to the video tutorial you are looking for? :slight_smile:

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What is the widget in the top left panel of your homepage at 1:50? Is this an unreleased feature?

Hey @jules2
do you refer to the new home screen?
If so you can find more info here Customisable Home tab - #16


This is helpful. Thanks.