New "Asana in Practice" Video Series

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m super excited to announce our new Asana in Practice videos series right here in the Community Forum! :tada:

This is a place where you can watch short videos with practical examples of how to implement Asana in your teams and discuss with other users in the comments below how they are doing this in Asana too.

Check out our first few videos on Marketing, Operations and Account Management are already live in the #tips:asana-in-practice category. We will continue to add to this library from a variety of internal Asana experts so stay tuned! :eyes:

:bell: Want to be notified of all new Asana in Practice content?

  1. Access the Asana in Practice category.
  2. Click on the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Select “Watching First Post”

You will now automatically be notified of new topics as soon as we add them to the #tips:asana-in-practice category!