💡 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Asana Premium to Business

Hey folks and welcome to another “Asana in Practice” post! :tada:

In this video, you will learn best practices for if you’ve moved/ are moving/ or are considering moving to a subscription Business in the future from a Premium subscription (sign up for a Business subscription free trial today here!).

This video will help you to roll out the subscription upgrade as effectively as possible to your organisation or team and also allow you to ensure that you’re making the most out of it!

This image may be helpful in addition to the video as it demonstrates the data structure of how Portfolios and Goals now fit in with the rest of the objects that you have in Asana:

:green_book: Helpful additional resources:

:arrow_heading_down: If you have any additional questions or best practices to share on moving to a Business subscription in Asana, feel free to share these in the thread below!

Looking forward to reading your comments! :smiley:


Love that flow chart!


Another great presentation, @Cliona_Dowling; thanks!

Minor quibbles with the image, though:

  • Add a dotted line from the one portfolio to a goal to indicate that they too, like projects, can ladder up to work
  • Maybe rename label “Goal” at the top-right to “Company Goal”?
  • Perhaps rename label “Team Goal” to “Team Goal/Measure”; in my experience, usually the leaf (last) subgoal represents a KR or KPI right?

Thanks again,



Hi @lpb, thanks so much for your feedback on the diagram - super helpful! I just updated it based on your suggestions!

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Thank you so much, @Cliona_Dowling! That was so fast and looks great–much appreciated.


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