Impact to company moving from premium to business level

Hi there- not sure where to take this question so starting here and welcome to be guided elsewhere!

Our company uses the premium level of asana and are looking to move to the business level. Would there be a big impact to the staff in their day to day if we did this though? And could someone clarify the benefits of business level v premium?


Hi @Laura_P and thanks for reaching out! All premiums features are included in our Business plan, so moving from premium to business shouldn’t impact your team in anyways. To learn more about Premium and Business features, have a look at these two pages;


Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hi @Marie, I’m hoping I’ll get a quicker answer here than by going through support.

I already use Asana on a premium tier, but I wanted to try out the business features alongside a new team/project structure - so I thought the best way to do this (to avoid messing around with our existing structure) would be to start a new business trial and play around there.

But, now that I’m on the Business trial, one thing I can’t find is Teams? The left hand menu looks a bit different, and doesn’t have Teams as an option.

Is this right?

Hi @Paul_Reich,

Teams are definitely available in the Business-level subscription.

I think what’s happened is that your new trial account is a Workspace and not an Organization. Organizations can have teams but Workspaces cannot. See this Help topic for more info:

If that doesn’t address your issue, come back here and let us know!

Thanks @Phil_Seeman - that does in fact answer my question perfectly.

I used my Gmail address so I am defaulted into a Workspace - I think I was confused because even though it initially says to use one’s organisation email, when I did use my Gmail, it doesn’t make it clear that the implication is x, y and z.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

EDIT: while I understand what has happened, it does seem a bit odd to offer “Business” features for an account that can’t have access other base features.

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Glad the mystery is solved!

@Marie @Natalia - Paul makes a good point here - perhaps you might want to pass this on to your folks who deal with the onboarding process?


All done @Phil_Seeman, thanks for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

how was the issue resolved?