⚙️ Rules in Asana: Examples & Best Practices

Hi everyone and welcome to a new “Asana in Practice” post! :tada:

In this video, I’m looking at Rules in Asana and running through some common examples :gear:. Are there any parts of your processes or projects that could be automated? Do you want to make things as smooth as possible and remove any unnecessary manual effort to save time? This video aims to highlight how Rules in Asana can solve for this!

:closed_book: Here are additional resources on Rules in Asana that should help you out:

If you have any additional questions or best practices to share on setting up automation in Asana, feel free to share these in the thread below!

Looking forward to reading your comments! :smiley:


Thanks for the shout out!


Big fan of the due date reminder, and the task completed > Move to section rules :blush: