📆 Create Personal Reminders and Google Calendar events from Asana

Hey everyone!

Karl here from the Customer Success Team at Asana. Check out this ‘How Asana uses Asana’ video and post on how you can use Asana rules to create personal reminders and Google Calendar events from Asana’s My Tasks.

If you want to learn more about leveraging Asana Rules and managing your productivity with Asana My Tasks, check out these additional resources:

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Let us know below if you have any additional tips for how you’re using any of these functionalities. We’d love to hear it!


Karl thank you for this!

I am curious how the duration of a task translates to the google calendar using the rule format shown. I set my task to begin at 1:00pm with 2 hour duration and expected the google calendar to show an event from 1-3pm. However, the google event was 100-130. Can you let me know what I did wrong?

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