🏡 Multi-homing (linking work) in Asana: Examples & Best Practices

Hi everyone and welcome to a new “Asana in Practice” post! :tada:

In this video, I’m looking at Multi-homing in Asana and running through some common examples :link:. Does cross-functional work get siloed between teams? Is there duplication of work happening causing mis-communications? This video aims to highlight how multi-homing in Asana can solve for this!

:closed_book: Here are additional resources on connecting your work in Asana that should help you out:

If you have any additional questions or best practices to share on linking work in Asana, feel free to share these in the thread below!

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Hi there,
This is my example of using multi-homing tasks.

In my company we have a Portfolio of 8 Programs and ~200 Projects.
Every month we have a Project Review Meeting in each Program.
All the actions/tasks that came up during those meetings are tracked into a specific project called (RAIL - Rolling Action Item Log), and each task is also assigned to the specific project (“multi-homed”).

In my humble opinion, this feature helps the Project Team and the Owner to don’t waste time in looking for actions in different repository, have everithing transparent and organized! :wink:

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Hi @Antonio_Galiero, thanks so much for sharing your use case here! Really great to hear how your company are benefiting from multi-homing to keep things transparent and organised!

Hi Cliona, thanks for the video.

We have templates that we use when we undertake a new home build…Architecture, Design, Construction and Project Management. When we have a new home project, we use the templates to create the new projects…usually with the Street name as the headline, for instance, Laurel Ln project has Laurel Architecture, Laurel Design and so forth. There are unique tasks in each project that need to be multi-homed to some but not all of the other related projects. Is there a best practice in how to automate this? Right now we have text in the description field of individual task that remind the project manager to multi-home the task to the other projects. We don’t know at the template level what will be the name of the other multi-home project names, so I’m stumped. Appreciate any suggestions you can offer. Thanks!


This is a great example, thank you!

How do you manage multiple projects within a program? Using your screenshot as an example, for Program 1. Process Excellence, let’s say you have 4 projects within it. How do you get a high-level overview of the progress of each project, and then of the program?

@Cliona_Dowling, the link to the second video on Multi-Homing and rules is not correct. Please check again. The link leads to a blog “The coolest ASANA rules”. Thanks!

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Hi @Tanja_Stiber, I am Nao from Asana community Team. Thank you for flagging it, I updated the link above :slight_smile: