Asana Tip: Tasks in multiple projects

Setting: You wake up, take a sip of your morning coffee, open up your laptop and see the same task is being asked of you by numerous people in different places.

Tip: Don’t duplicate work! Keep the same task in multiple projects so teammates across different projects and teams can have the same visibility. Watch a quick 1-minute video here


  • Adding a task you’re working on to a 1:1 project with your manager.
  • Adding work from a grants management project into your team’s marketing project

How to do it: Type “Tab P” to use the keyboard shortcut and type the name of the other projects you want to add it to.

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Great tip–maybe one of the most important tips to know about Asana!

In addition to those fine examples, I’ll contribute my favorite related one for multi-homing (the jargon/buzzword that means “adding a task to two or more projects.”

If you have a project in Asana for each of your recurring meetings, a great use of multi-homing is for tasks that you want to talk about in the next meeting that already live in other projects. Remove that meeting project membership when you’re done talking about that task and let the task live on in the other more permanent projects.



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