💥 5 Quick Asana Tricks (That you probably didn't know!)

Hi everyone :wave: and welcome to a new “Asana in Practice” post!

In this video, we highlight 5 quick tricks in Asana that you may not have known already! :bulb:

:orange_book: Here are some additional resources that will help you out further on these topics:

:arrow_heading_down: Let us know below if you have other favourite ‘Aha!’ moments in Asana or tips that you’d like to share! :exploding_head:


I’ve had extra delight on for ages and didn’t know about bringing up the pups and kitties! Fun tip!


@Cliona_Dowling could you share a link that we can use to share that video to teammates? A directly link to the video rather than a link to this page.


Love the Hack with Cats and Dogs a bit of fun to lighten the mood, please make it a keeper.


Thank you! I am going to share this with my team. It would be super helpful if y’all would consider adding subtitles to your videos, please.


Ok…you’ve got me wondering about an extra “celebration” style icons that appear in Trick 1 when you are using the task slider to move tasks/subtasks and headings/subheadings. I see an alligator along with the name of the item that you are moving…love the dragon! (I can see the name – had not realized that until now!) I can’t seem to find anywhere in Asana how this is toggled on?

Hi @Eric_Crowell,

I’ve only seen that in special Enterprise accounts like Asana’s own or the demo env provided to partners and forum leaders. The good news is your yetis and unicorns are safe from that alligator, at least!


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