Asana Tip of the day

TL:DR - Post your shortest Asana tips and tricks below!!

I want to post an Asana Tip of the Day to our office slack channel, just to raise awareness of the neat little things you can do with Asana that the newly arrived apprentice won’t know yet. They need to be short and pithy, and tailored to the workspace. Like this (I did my first one today) -

Asana TOTD - if you get an important communication from a client, or want to update the client team from your email, you can send or forward your message to - and it will automagically appear on the messages tab

So obviously the “vanilla” tip here is that Asana accepts emails to projects in this way. The next tip will be on creating tasks via email (and then tailored to our particular setup).

Can you wonderful people think of another 365 handy vanilla tips in this vein, and of this length? I’m sure you can!

Not asking much!

Great idea @David_Ruder! Looking forward to seeing what others post on this thread. Here’s one that I often find my team frustrated because they weren’t aware of it:

To share a task with a coworker who isn’t in the same team, consider multi-homing your task. Adding a task to a second (or third etc.) project allows the same task to show up in a differnt team, given them full access and visibility without having to add them to the original team.


Just the ticket @TrevorWiser, thank you - adding it to the list.

tip #3 - Tab+H to take you Home. Tab+I for your Inbox and Tab+Y for mY tasks.

Hi @David_Ruder, I also recommend checking out the Forum Leader Tips category in the Forum :slight_smile:

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