Best Tip of 2023

Morning everyone - and Happy New Year!!

Now you are a few days into 2024… I thought it could be fun for us all to comment our best tip from 2023. Could be something we have learnt or shared…

I will kick us off.
My best tip for 2023 - which I shared with my team whilst onboarding them - is if you are going to use Asana, you need to really USE Asana.
No point having task lists in one note, bits of paper and in Asana, put it all in one place so you can focus and prioritise in the one place.
You also then get loads of unicorns as you tick them off.

A real basic tip, but it has definitely helped with the adoption in my teams.


@Becky_Manson , that’s cool.

Best of best tip.


My favorite tip from 2023 is not to start working until I’ve organized all the new tasks assigned to me. Beginning with a clear My Tasks list, knowing precisely what I need to accomplish during the day has significantly boosted my focus and performance!

@ambforumleader, @pforumleader what about you?


Really Love this tip - I normally organise Friday PM so that my next week is ready to go, but starting a morning like this would be another good thing to do!
Thanks for sharing!!


Maintenance hour! A reoccuring task for an hour set every month where I tidy Asana! Make sure there arn’t any tasks hiding, cleaning out old projects, reviewing old scheduled tasks that were never completed, archiving old projects


Stop starting, start finishing.


the same was for me as well!


For me, it is to not start the day with notifications, reading, or email reading, but rather with doing.

Much like @Marie my day starts with organizing my tasks based on what I accomplished the day before versus what I had planned to accomplish.

I usually use the week view for that because it enables quick drag and drop to change the date of the task and shows me the week at a glance; I like the color coding too. Then I switch back to the list view to focus exclusively on the day (hiding the noise of the week) and set the priorities (what comes first, second etc). I move up and down the tasks based on priorities. Here is a screenshot of my daily reminder task to start the day the right way.

This might not work for everyone, especially if you are in a role that requires you to respond immediately to emails. In my position, I have no issues with taking care of emails and notifications at a less productive time of the day, which usually for me is the afternoon.


Great Tip!!
I think I need to re-look at how I organise my “My Tasks” Section for 2024.