✅ 5 tips for effectively managing your My Tasks in Asana

Happy December all :christmas_tree:! Cliona here from the Customer Education team at Asana.

Check out this video for Day 16 of the Community Advent Calendar :date: on 5 tips for effectively managing your My Tasks in Asana:

:green_book: Additional Resources:

:woman_teacher: Personal Productivity in Asana (Live Training)

Tip 1: Use your My Tasks as your single source of truth
:ledger: Maximize your productivity with Asana My Tasks (Help Center Article)

Tip 2: Use Group By for easy organisation of your tasks
Tip 3: If you want to up your game, use Custom Sections to organise your work
:blue_book: My Tasks - Everything you need to know (Help Center article)

Tip 4: Use Rules to move your work forward and connect with other tools
:gear: Rules (Help Center article)
:wheel: Rules in Asana: Examples & Best Practices (Video)

Tip 5: Research Productivity Methodologies to gain insight into what method for managing your tasks works best for you
:clipboard: The Eisenhower Matrix: How to prioritize your to-do list (Blog Post)
:frog: Why you should eat the frog first (Blog Post)
:white_check_mark: Master Getting Things Done (GTD) Method in 5 Steps (Blog Post)

:arrow_heading_down: Let me know below if you have any other tips for managing your My Tasks in Asana!


Great overview video and a strong set of tips and links to get a handle on My Tasks.

One more link I’d like to add, which really cuts across your Tips 1-4, and maybe some of 5, is my recommended approach to quickly coming up to speed with your My Tasks, including Rules and Custom Sections:




Very useful, even for experts :wink: