Learn how to manage your 'My Tasks' like a boss, featuring Asana CSM Terri Burden!

Hey everyone :wave:

I wanted to share a recording of an incredibly useful workshop, hosted by Asana’s internal CSM @Terri_Burden, which features Asanas spanning our engineering, UX and customer success teams, who share some of their best practices!

Did you already know some of their tips? Did they forget to share a tip that’s been extra helpful for you? Let us know, we’d love to know what’s worked for you :inbox_tray:


is Greg’s My Task list blocked out or is it just my view?

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Hi @Brenda,
You’re right it is blocked out… We chose to do this to protect private information to enable us to share this recording for internal Asana’s to be shared externally. You can still get the best practices tips he was speaking to in the audio of that video, you just cant see it.

We know that future webinars (originally intended for internal) Asanas can be valuable resources for you all, so we’ve made note of internal process checklists (keeping this in mind).


I haven’t watched yet but seeing the lineup alone I can tell we are in for a treat! @Terri_Burden 7 @Blake_Utne are awesome Customer Success reps. Thanks for sharing this resource @Michael_A!


So great to see you here! :slight_smile: I hope all is well, Jerod.


@Terri_Burden, I watched the workshop last night. As expected, the superstars shined! New life goal: Do something worthy of a jingle by Greg. :wink:

Quick question for the team: if I push items that are PAST today into the Later grouping within My Tasks, they will stay there unless manually promoted, correct? My Tasks is in a super embarrassing place, but I can’t to not take advantage of this powerful. In order to get a jumpstart I was thinking I would push all stuff that I need to go address (clean up) at some point, into Later.

I’ve got 3,993 tasks in my recently assigned that need to be moved + a couple hundred in Upcoming. Knowing these won’t move back into Today or Upcoming (for those that are not due in the future) is key before taking action. Thanks!

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!
I am in the middle of watching and my question is how did Greg do the “time delta shortcut” since we can’t see his screen? I just tried ‘tab+d’ and then “+1 week” and got nothing. Thanks!

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Yes! That’s correct. :slight_smile: Anything in Later (with a due date) will auto-promote to Upcoming a week before the task is due. You have the right idea. Also, no judgement when it comes to My Tasks. :smiley:


Ahhh yes! Here’s a screenshot. Sorry about that! :slight_smile: Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.44.48 PM


Well on my way to making this a usable space. Thanks for the confirmation. I didn’t want to run the risk of moving the old stuff (overdue) to Later as a placeholder until I have time to address… only for Asana to go… “hey, these are past due, auto-promote to today!” - I would have to change my approach if that was the case.

Perfect! I was trying to add it on to the end of the date that was already set but that makes sense. Thank you!!

I managed to get through my backlog in My Tasks and am setup to get more functionality out of this feature.

One thing that I came across that was unusual is that I am unable to add milestones within My Tasks. It is showing this to be a Premium feature although I am the admin for a business license. Since my business license is setup as a division with specific Teams, am I not gaining this functionality because I have a task assigned to me that with a project of a team that is NOT within our license? I’m trying to understand why I would be seeing this limitation. cc: @Marie & @Emily_Roman


Yes I bet you’re not seeing Milestone tasks in My Tasks for the reason you give (I can see them in a regular, org-wide paid plan).

Re My Tasks organization:

  • I never open Later and use Later tasks without a due date as a dumping ground for tasks that I don’t/can’t unassign myself from but don’t need to look at, e.g, in an AOR (Areas of Responsibility) type project where I’m assigned to functions, as one example.
  • I am careful never to put a task I care about in Later unless I give it a future due date first so that it will auto-promote, which I do very often to clear the way until needed.
  • The above may be at odds with your triage approach, until you get the backlog triaged.
  • Check out the way I set up Sections in my own My Tasks–it’s the big screenshot and brief explanation ahead of it in this Asana blog post:

Finally, regarding +1 week in the Due Date field, see this entire thread for various other shortcuts:



Thank you for posting about this. It looks very useful.

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@Bastien_Siebman answers my question (quote above) at the 2:35 mark of this helpful video: https://youtu.be/1aPCfuDtxy0


I’m loving how you did the training, I need to practice as we are doing a lot of workshops, webinars, and classes!