Sticky memo inside "My tasks"

Asana’s “My tasks” is my job bible, so I would like to suggest to introduce a new unique section: MEMOS. Like a post-it, a yellow section different from the “My tasks” white one where I can write some quick things they I have to do in the next hour - like “Call back Mr. Big”, “Reply to the Lisa’s mail”, “Send report to Client”. These are not tasks, just… memos! It would be useful to have all-in-one next to Asana’s “My Tasks”!

Hmmm… Nice! Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi @Sarah_Colautti :wave:

I like this suggestion a lot! One work-around you might consider is having a task called MEMOS and then adding those things as subtasks under the MEMOS task with due-dates for today and assigning them to yourself. This would be especially useful if you are like me and use the Calendar View of My Task to drive what you are working on for a specific day (kinda like a weekly planned on steroids that also updates constantly as new things are added or updated). This would also help give a more accurate account in Asana of all the little tasks that you accomplish on a daily basis along-side with the bigger tasks you also accomplish. Hopefully this helps!



Good idea, thank you Matt! Anyway I’m hoping for a solution at a glance :slightly_smiling_face:

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