🎥 1h packed of Asana tips & tricks

I am happy to share the recording of the “Ask Me Anything about Asana” I held last week! Here’s what Asana Ambassador @Jerod_Hillard had to say about it:

:studio_microphone:Awesome AMA. I really liked how you used Asana live to demonstrate and temporarily note or highlight your recommendations. Participants also asked great questions! It was easily one of the best events hosted by a community member.

Topics covered:

  • Clickup versus Asana
  • Have subtasks show up in workload
  • Overwhelming My Tasks view
  • Google Calendar 2-way sync
  • Examples of unexpected use cases & workflows
  • Asana as a content library
  • Best practices with tags
  • Reviews from multiple people on a document
  • Asana favorite feature
  • Custom field to calcule workload without the Business pla,
  • Use rules to move tasks to projects
  • Have recurring tasks show in calendar and count in workload
  • Unified My Tasks view
  • Select text from PDF preview
  • Quickly duplicate tasks dozens of times
  • Examples of favorite project setups

Thanks for sharing @Bastien_Siebman! :partying_face:

Thanks Heaps for Sharing @Bastien_Siebman much appreciated will definitely give it a watch…

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