Turn Asana into a CRM !

:sparkles: Do you dream of being able to manage your customer contacts and other data with the same efficiency as managing your tasks and projects on Asana?

Then : Learn how to turn Asana into a CRM in our upcoming webinar! :fire:

We did this webinar in French, it was very popular and generated a lot of engagement. So here we are for the English version !

Asana is a fantastic tool for managing work, but did you know it can also be used as a CRM? If you’re an Asana user, you may have even thought about this possibility… And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in our next webinar! :fire:

With 2 full years of practice under our belt, over 350 clients and thousands of leads, we’re going to show you how iDO runs its CRM 100% on Asana :sunglasses:

Whether you are an Asana user or not, free or paid, you can sign up now. If you are not available that day, sign up anyway, we will send you the registration :vhs:

:cherries: The icing on the cake: we have concocted a nice surprise for all participants! :gift:

:point_right:t3: See you on Thursday, June 8th at 08:30am Los Angeles time* to discover this side of @Asana!
Register now here: Calendly - Bastien Siebman - Asana Solution Partner @ iDO

*11:30am NYC - 04:30pm London - 05:30pm Paris

The iDO Team.


Looking forward to this.

This is going to be the best webinar you have ever seen :grimacing: :muscle:

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Will there be a replay or recording as we are in New Zealand and it will be 330am! Thanks!

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Yes the recording will be published on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4K2KZG3Ov2p1fnNH37ZQXQ


Excited for this! Signed up but didn’t get a confirmation with the link?

I believe you should have. Do you see the event in your calendar?

No I don’t :confused:

You should check your spam and then re-apply :slight_smile:

Anyone watched the webinar? What did you think?

Really great job on all counts–well done!

Only suggestion: Keep the left sidebar collapsed in the future.

Great work,


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Hey Bastien,

Is it possible to access a recording of your Asana CRM webinar? I was unable to attend.

Thank you,


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Same here!

You can subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4K2KZG3Ov2p1fnNH37ZQXQ while we finish up the edits :slight_smile: I’ll post back here as well when ready.


Any idea when video will be posted? Under pressure to make a decision on a CRM, but would rather use Asana if we can! =]

I privately shared with you the unedited version so you can have a look :slight_smile:

Hi Bastien, your webinar was excellent - thank you so much for sharing how you use Asana as a CRM! May I ask how you have Project as a custom field? Is it manually created? Or is it an Asana feature that links directly to other projects? If the latter, it would be an amazing feature for multihomed tasks!

Thanks a lot. Our lead/client tasks are simply multi homed into their own projects. The “Projects” entry is one each task has. Can you share a screenshot of what you are referring to?

Hi Bastien, sorry for my poorly phrased question! I took a screenshot of your video actually - I hope you can see it?

In this screenshot, there’s a column (field) for Projects in the Sales Funnel project List view - does clicking on the project from this view (e.g. Dior within the red circle) actually take you to that project without having to open the Dior lead (task)? Thank you so much! :nerd_face:

Projects in a field

Thanks, that’s a native feature you also have access to called multi-homing: a task can belong to multiple projects.

Simply open a task, on the right there is a “Projects” section :slight_smile:

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