Communication Guidelines

Looking for an already created document to refine for our company.

We have multiple communication mediums - email, chat, asana, face to face meetings, phone calls, video conferencing etc…

I was looking for a document that would lay out what the message type is and the communication forum that should be used

my sister was in a car wreck and in the hospital-
a client has a question about a report-
kicking off a project with a new client-
a director just got back from a client Q1 conference about a new initiative we will be driving-

basically looking for a guide to give our people to know when and how to communicate…not just what they prefer to do.

If not we can create one just wanted to ping to the community to see if one was already created and save me a couple of hours :smile:


well its been a week and here is something I dug up could be from a member but I’m not sure…so sharing my findings Asana Communication GUidlines.pdf (181.2 KB)

It definitely does not look like an official document :grimacing:

its a WHIP…lets work together to expand it since apparently a official document does not exists :pleading_face:

Oh sorry I thought you found it, but you did it yourself? Good idea :+1:

No I found it, and added some items but its a work in progress.

Hi! Did you happen to create this document? I would love to check it out, if so! :slight_smile: