Can I use Asana to manage my development projects

Hi, I’m looking for a tool to help manage development for a television production company. We have 5 people in the team, around 150 projects on the go at varying stages of development/seriousness, and we service around 20-30 clients. The biggest issue I keep coming up against is that many projects are relevant to more than 1 client. Is Asana a good simple solution, and does anyone have any tips about how to set up my projects.

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Hi @Thomas_Viner

Welcome to the Forum! Yes, Asana is your answer here. I work at an IT Reseller company and many of our clients have multiple projects going on. How I organize this is by:

Project Name: Client
Sections: Deployment Type
Tasks: The steps to complete the deployment

Each section would service a different “project” you are working on for each client

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Thanks for the advice. The difficulty I’m struggling with is that the same project is for multiple clients, as well as multiple projects for each client…

I really want to be able to track progress both by client and by project.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Completely understand. Have you ever utilized project templates? I will explain how my company goes about creating and tracking projects and hopefully it helps you out.

Step 1: Create a project template

  • You add all the tasks that are a repeated process for your clients into a single project
  • Once this is complete, you navigate to the top of the project and click the drop-menu next to your project name and select “Convert to template” (See Below)

  • Now whenever you have a project that utilizes that specific template you create the project select “use template” and then navigate to the template you just created.

In your situation, it sounds like you will have to create multiple templates, but that is the most manual part of this process.

I hope this makes sense and helps you out!