Best Way to Setup Asana to Work Directly with Client

I want to understand the best way to setup Asana so that client can work with us in this application.

Currently I setup:

  1. Team Called “”
  2. Team Member
  • Each member is part of the internal and external team
  1. Projects
    I created 2 projects. 1 named “Client Comms” and another named “Work Requests”

This is what I thus far. I am thinking that I am missing a way for my internal team to talk about requests without the client seeing.

Would love to know what everybody is doing to garner the best experience for both the internal and external teams.

Hello @Matthew_Metros1 and welcome to the Forum.

So to understand your current set up: you currently create 2 teams per client one internal and one external? While this could work, it may create a lot of housekeeping issues as you grow your client base.

Yesterday I posted a tip on how to use such scenario if you have access to the Portfolio feature. Here is the article:

It is worth directing you to 2 different articles that could give you some insights:

  1. Consulting with External Clients - look at the solution post
    Consulting with External Clients in Asana

  2. Dealing with external clients - how much access should they have
    🚦 Dealing with external clients - How much access should they have?

If you do not have access to Portfolio feature, then some tips from my article might assist you.
I would suggest using the multi home feature as well where necessary between your internal and external projects. So you create a single team per client. External Project is where the client gets access to their engagement and the internal project you keep locked and only visible to your internal team for any approvals or reviews.

I hope this helps.