Assigning tasks to guests in project


I recently created a project (I am the owner) that involves members from our organization and guests of a project. I am able to go to tasks within the project and assign the guests to tasks, but others within my organization that are in the project are unable to search for the guest’s names to assign them to a task. Does anyone know what is happening with this? Thank you!

Hi @Kelsey_Job,

Are these members Guests of your Organisations too? I’m asking because Guests can’t see each other unless they are member of at least one team or project in common. More info in Permissions overview • Asana

Hi @Marie ,

The guests of the project are able to assign tasks to other guests and people of my organization in the project. The issue arises when the individuals that are in my organization and in the project cannot assign tasks to the guests. Guests and people of my organization are all added as members of the project, so based on the logic, the people of my organization that are in the project should be able to assign to them.

Sounds like there is something odd there since members of your Organisation should definitely be able to assign tasks to Guests. I’d recommend reaching out to our support team with the following info so they can look into this for you:

  • Email address of one member of your Org who is not able to assign task to a Guest member
  • Email address of the Guest
  • Url of the task the member is trying to assign to the guest
  • Any screenshot illustrating the issue.