How to set up guest permissions

Hi there, being new to Asana (premium subscription), I’ve tried out to add guests. I’ve found out that it’s possible as a guest to remove the project owner from the project. How can I prevent that? And how can I stop a guest from inventing other users (guests) to a project? Thank you, Dominik


Guest have many of the permissions of Members and in general Asana is open and allows wide access, for better or worse.

But you can make any project member (Guest or Member) Comment only which I think will address your issue:



A comment-only guest is too minimalistic for me. Imagine a customer you’ve invited to a project (guest). I want him to be able to create new tasks and edit existing tasks, not only to comment on existing tasks. On the other hand, I don’t want to take the risk of having a guest accidentally remove me as project owner from my own project.

I think a guest should never be able to do that. Just imagine friends coming to your house as guests. Would you let them kick you out off your own house? :laughing:

Hi @Dominik_Rothert! guests have access to what you share with them, if you don’t want them to have access to the entire project, you can add as assignees or collaborators of specific tasks but not the entire project. See more details in this article: What can a Guest in an Organization access?

Hi @Emily_Roman! That means it is not possible to have a guest on a project who’s able to create a new task but on the other hand not able to remove me as project/team leader from the same team? Really? Or am I missing something here after reading?

I think that’s a big issue in a collaboration. Just imagine you want to have your customer on your project. Of course he should be allowed to create new tasks (issues) but he should not be able to remove you from your own project/team. I can’t believe I’m the first to work with a customer like that together on Asana.

@Emily_Roman can you confirm if Guests can CREATE a new project on a Team, even if they are not a member of a Team? I invited a Guest user to be on a project (not the Team) and it looks like they have access to create a new project on our team, which was unexpected.

Can you please confirm if that is the expectation? The article “What can a Guest in an Organization access?” was not clear on that point.