Mixing Premium and Non Premium members on a team


Hello, I added a person to work on a project who is not part of the main team however when she logs into Asana, the project is not showing on her screen. It shows the broader team with a link to join the team but she does not need to have the full access the team has. Can you please describe how I can let people who are not part of the team participate and view particular projects?
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You should be able to invite/add her to a specific project and have her see everything. Have you tried that? If it’s public to the team that won’t include people who aren’t part of the team and for ‘guests’ you’d have to add them to each project specifically.

To clarify, is this a member of your Organization, and your team is a premium team in that organization? And this person wants to see a few projects/etc. without adding them to the team (and thus paying for their seat)? Then the above would do the trick!

Hope that helps, but let me know if I misunderstood something.

Here’s the article explaining how to invite people to specific projects


I read through the article, but it does not state how to add “guests.” We need people to view projects and tasks, but not be able to edit them. Can you please explain exactly how we can do this.


@Angelina in asana you can’t have task in view only mode, if they can see it they can edit them


That’s what I figured since member permission is an issue, but that’s what it read like above, wishful thinking I suppose!


I don’t see a clear answer to the question… is it possible to mix Premium and Non Premium members on a team? Thanks!