Viewing projects with a premium/non-premium mix

Had a look around but not been able to find the answer - if a project is owned by a Premium team, can members of non-premium teams within the same organisation view that project without having to become a member of the premium team (ie, a paying member)?

Looking to have one project in one place viewable by everyone in the organisation, but everything else is fine only being viewed within Teams.


Hi @Hannah_Jade, welcome to the forum! As far as I understand, premium/non-premium is by organization, not team. Asana users with a premium organization’s email domain will be “members” with full rights per your plan; users with other emails are “guests” who can view and interact like everyone else with a few exceptions. For example, I’ve found that our guests are unable to add fields in projects, but for the most part they have access to the same functionality as members.

Make sense? See this video for more.

Interesting - that would imply the only way to upgrade is to upgrade the whole organisation, even if only a few people need premium functions?

Hi @Hannah_Jade, thanks for reaching out! If your Organization is currently using the basic version of Asana, you can certainly upgrade a single team. Please note all members you invite to the projects in your Premium Team will count towards the number of seats in your paid plan, even if they only have comment only access.

Adding to what @TrevorWiser commented, you can also invite Guests to your Organization and they won’t count as one seat in your paid plan. Please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Emily! So if a two-person Premium team needs to allow access to a single project to 30 people in an organisation, all 30 of those people will have to be upgraded to Premium?

Thanks for getting back to me, @Hannah_Jade! If the 30 people that needs to be invited to the project have the email domain that is associated to your Organization, they will all count in you paid plan. If they don’t have the same domain, you can invite them as Guests.