Guest on team, can I create my own separate workspace?

I’m a contractor with many client. Right now I’m a guest on a team using my personal domain name. Can I create an account with that same domain as my own workspace/company where I can manage projects with my multiple clients as guests? I understand that I would have to switch back and forth between my client’s workspace where I am the guest user and my own company workspace where I manage other projects. Switching is fine, but I’m wondering if I can do that with the same email address and / or domain name.

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Can you share dummy email addresses to illustrate, just to be sure we understand the situation?
From the top of my head I want to say “yes no problem”.

Example: I my company is [] . I have a [] who has added me as a guest to their team at my primary email [] . I will continue to work as a guest for [] team, but I’d like to set up my own separate workspace so I can add other client projects and work on them. Can upgrade to premium (if I need to) and set up a separate workspace (or same if I can keep it hidden from [])?

Yes of course. It will be an organisation and not a workspace because you have a domain name, but no problem. For example I have my own domain + am part of 100+ other accounts.

Can you use the same email on the workspace and the guest accounts?

Yes, your Asana account will simply have access to multiple Asana accounts.