Turning a free account into paid enterprise account

Hi all, we are in the process of procuring Asana and in the meantime I would like to have some team members to get themselves familiarized with Asana.

I am after some feedback on how they should create their accounts. Should they use personal email address to create a free account while they are familiarizing themselves with Asana? Or could they just use the work email straightaway?

I am not sure how a licence will later be applied to a free account. I think they should just create an account using their work email and later we can apply licence to an existing account. Please confirm. Thank you.

Hi @bnedev

An organization workspace is linked to an email domain name. So the moment someone with an address from that domain logs in, then that user counts for a paid license.
By using another address, the user will be considered as a “guest” and will not have as many possibilities as a real member.

More info on guests here: Working with guests in an organization • Asana Product Guide


Hi @Julien_RENAUD

Thank you for the response. From your response, I think I can confirm that my team members can just use their work email to get started and keep using it once we have purchase licences.

However, I didn’t expect that licence will be applied automatically on users with the same email domain. What if we don’t intend to give licence to all staffs (with the same email domain)? They might have an Asana account using work email but we don’t want to share a licence with them (eg. they come from different divisions). Cheers.

In an organization, there is no choice and all addresses in the domain will be recognized as real licenses.
The only solution is to create a paying division with only paying users, but collaboration with others will be difficult. You can read more here: What I learned about divisions 😅