Business account: emails and cost for my employees work

So, I’ve been trying the 30-day free trial testing this out as an option for me to use for my team but when reading into the different plans I’ve only confused myself on how the emails and cost for my employees work. I’ve been kinda confused and I’m not exactly sure where I should be looking for answers! To give you some context my team is mainly made up of 10-15 freelance artists so they don’t have business emails under my company name. Does that not allow me to invite them into my projects with no cost for them? Would they still have to pay money on their end to use the platform without any restrictions since they don’t have a company email?


You have an unlimited number of guests that you can add to your organization. If they don’t share your email domain their access will be restricted to what you give them access to. They will also not be able to create any custom fields (they can use one that exist in the project) or automation in your projects.

My suggestion (while you are on the free trial) is to create an account with an email address that is not part of your domain and sandbox what your guests will experience with the permissions you give them. For example:
Create a team with multiple projects and tasks, give your test email account access to a task and look at it from the user side, then give access to a project, then a team, and play with how you can get your users to view the information in Asana the way you need them to.

Good luck!

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