Shared Email Domain Affecting Workspace to Organization Conversion - Need 2nd Organization

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I was looking to see if a topic like this already exists. While there are several that sound similar at first, I haven’t seen one exactly relating to the case I’m trying to figure out.

My main organization has a premium Asana account that’s only being utilized by a select few teams. We are a marketing agency with multiple regional offices. I’m in our CA office while the main hub is located in OH. The OH office started an Asana organization which I have access to. However, my office in CA is looking to utilize Asana as well, but as a business account.

I added a workspace for my CA team as we prepare to move into a paid account, however, the workspaces do not have the same features and functions as an organization. Though the workspace can be billed separately, which is what we want, we won’t be able to create teams and other functions because we’re not the organization account. I tried to see if another organization could be created, but because we all share the same email domain (as we’re part of the same company just different regional offices), I’m unable to convert us to an organization.

The issues here are that the main OH office houses 40+ employees while the CA office has about 10. Also, OH wants to keep a premium account as they’re paying for 30+ seats right now, while my CA office needs the business account due to the design team we house. Also, Asana is not being used company wide at this point, which is why our regional offices have different accounts due to the different functions. I’m handling my CA office’s staff rollout as we will be using it across all our team members here for our internal client projects. I’ve reached out to Asana Support, but they didn’t seem to be able to help me create a second organization, so I’m hoping maybe an Asana staff member here in the forum might be able to offer some insight or solutions.


Hi @anon62516030

If you want separate billing, then you would need to create divisions.
See my post for more info on divisions: What I learned about divisions 😅

Only the Asana team can create division, then you need to talk to them to decide if it is the right solution for you.


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