Workspace under Enterprise licence

Hi all, newbie in Asana and trying to understand how the licensing works in terms of organization vs workspace.

I started with a free account and then an Enterprise license is applied in my organization. When I am on my organization space, all is good. However, when I go to a workspace, I see the “Upgrade” button. Is that normal?

Is my Enterprise license takes affect only when I am working on the organization space, but not in workspace that I created?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Otnimus,

if you upgraded your whole organization it should not ask you to upgrade again.
Are you sure the whole org was upgraded or just a workspace/team maybe?

Here is an overview on what an organization is vs a workspace

In your case I recommend it might be best to reach out to Asana support as they will be able to look into your account directly and see the billing set up, etc

Hi @Andrea_Mayer thank you for your response.

Now the whole organization has been upgraded. Only select few email addresses have been applied with Enterprise license. There are users with email address of the same domain that are on free account, or at least not Enterprise license. Is that possibly why?

This is quite strange. Because if the whole organization with the domain was upgraded then they would become a paid user also.

Best to reach out to support for such billing related question and they will be able to look into this for you.


It sounds to me like you have an Enterprise Division set up within a free organization. But I agree with @Andrea_Mayer, you should reach out to Asana for clarification.

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Thanks guys. I will contact Asana support :slight_smile: to get the bottom of this.


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