Guest Users for Users without a Business Domain

Would it be possible to enable the use of the “Guest User” feature in Business Workspaces, not just Organizations? I want all the features in Business for my personal account, but I don’t have a domain name, so I’m forced to work in a Workspace vs create an Organization (requires a domain name and the only way to have Guest users).

Below is the conversation I had with someone in customer support about this:

> Thanks for writing in. I would be happy to help you with this today.
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> Unfortunately you cannot have Guests within a Workspace. Workspaces are made up of Members and Limited Access Members, meaning that on a paid plan, everyone would count towards your seat limit. I have added a helpful link with more information on this from our Asana Guide here.
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> Do you have a unique company email domain? If so, I would recommend converting your Workspace into an Organization in order to have the ability to add guests and avoid this issue.
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> I hope this helps! If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

You know you can buy one at for a few dollars a year?

Hi @Frank6, thanks for reaching out!

As mentioned by our Support team, it is not possible to have Guests within a Workspace. Guests are unique to Organizations.

In order to make use of the Guest feature, we would recommend adding a private domain to your Workspace and converting it to an Organization :slight_smile:

I did not know that! Cool tip!

The only thing I’d add here is why should I have to spend even a single dollar more? What’s the reasoning for having this limitation in Asana?