Subdomain as Guests?

Hi ASANA, If we choose to share a project with another department for their input on a project, is it possible that the use of their subdomain would allow us to treat them as a guest rather than full-paid member?

Hey @Kira_Harris, welcome to our Community! That’s a great question, and as long as these users are not registered in Asana with the email domain that is tied to your Organization, they will not occupy licenses. If they only have email addresses with the subdomain, and this subdomain is not tied to your Organization in Asana, they will be considered Organization Guests. Hope this helps!

Thank you Vanessa, that’s a big help. We wouldn’t want to be paying for satelite people outside of the buisiness team, so that’s great news thank you.

Glad to hear that! As I mentioned, you just have to make sure the subdomain is not registered to your Organization in Asana. :wink: