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Asana is introducing a new account email policy to help maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for Asana users.

With this update, members of an organization will only be able to add compatible email addresses to their Asana account. A compatible email address is one that matches the email domains that have been verified and added to your organization in Asana.

This new policy is already enforced for new users. New users cannot add incompatible email addresses to their account. If they wish to create a personal workspace to organize their private tasks separate from their work organization, they must create a separate account with their personal email address.

Most existing Asana users are already compliant with this policy however, that’s not the case for everyone. Over the coming weeks, non-compliant users will be separated following the logic below:


How will I know if I have non-compliant emails attached to my account, and if I’ll affected by this migration?
All users impacted by the migration will be notified by email and in-product. More details will be communicated by email.

When will my account be migrated?
All users impacted by the migration will be notified by email and can take action on their account. The details of the migration will be detailed in the email.

What action can I take if I have received the email informing me about upcoming changes to my Asana account?
You can change the configuration of your account by setting the notification email for each specific domain. To learn how to change your notification email settings for each of your spaces, check out this handy article from our Help Center.

Can I opt-out of the email policy updates?
No. The updates will be enforced on all Asana accounts.

Can I opt-out of this migration?
No. Accounts that are attached to incompatible email addresses will be separated.

Can I change the outcome of the separation?
Yes, you can change the configuration of your account by changing the notification email for each specific domain. To learn more, please visit this guide from our Help Center. Please note that the separation is a irreversible.

What will happen after my accounts are separated?
You will receive an email with a registration link to activate your new account(s).

How can you access my new accounts?
You can use the Account Switcher to login to different accounts simultaneously.

What will happen to domains where I was a guest?
Access to domains where you are a guest will be maintained. You can change the notification email for domains where you are a guest in order to indicate with which account access will remain. To learn more, please visit this guide from our Help Center.

What will happen to my data?
All of your data will be preserved.

What will happen to workflows for which incompatible emails are used to create tasks via the email forwarding feature?
The email that is used to create tasks needs to be updated to a compatible email.

What will happen to integrations in domains that are separated into new accounts?
App integrations will need to be reset in the newly created accounts.

Please note this update will be rolling out gradually between April 14 and May 8.


Regarding Guest access in our organization, I am not sure I am 100% understanding.
Their guest access will remain intact, but since their associated email address does not match our domain, they will no longer receive email updates from Asana? Is that correct?
Thank you.

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Guest will continue to receive email updates from Asana on the email that they’ve set for each domain. I’ve attached an example of a user with a guest access to an organization to illustrate it.


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