Premium Divisional Plan & Organizations as opposed to Workspaces For Solopreneur



Is anyone using the Premium Divisional Plan and or Organizations as opposed to Workspaces as a solopreneur? Are you doing anything that comes close to this? I’m curious how this is working for you, how you set it up and what the pricing looks like for this?

For example, I currently use 5 workspaces regularly and use 1 with a client that would need 6 seats. That means at a minimum, to use Asana premium I would be paying $2,250 a year not including tax. This can’t the only way for me to upgrade to premium? Or is it? I’m sincerely trying to figure this out.

Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I’m also curious if I’m shadow banned on this forum so if someone could reply back it would be appreciated.


You’re not shadow banned. To my knowledge this forum does not practice shadow banning.

I’d recommend contacting Asana Sales to discuss the various options - they should be able to point you to the most economical options for you.


I’m more curious how any current users have this setup. There’s an entire thread dedicated to people asking to spend less than $1,500 a year to use Asana. I’m really trying to understand if there’s a workaround for this.


I’m currently paying for a 5-seat Premium subscription. In that account I have one organization that I share with a 4 teammates and two workspaces that I use for my own personal purposes. It sounds like that’s exactly what you need also, except that for 6 people in the organization you’d need a 10-seat plan, which I believe would cost you $750 paid annually. Does that make sense?


For the 10-seat plan, yes I agree the cost has been shown to be $750. However, I would like the premium version across all 5 of the workspaces I’m using. What do you calculate the cost of that to be annually?


Ah, OK, yes that will certainly be more pricey. As I see it, that would be $375 x 5 = $1,875 plus the $750 for the 10-user organization. But again, if it were me, I would contact Asana sales to get a definitive cost and also to see if there are any other discounts they’d be willing to apply.