Our most powerful features are now available for teams of 2, 3, and 4 people!

Hi everyone,

I’m Emily, a Product Marketer here at Asana. As you know, we’re dedicated to helping teams of all sizes plan, organize and execute their work. To that end, Asana’s been testing plan options that support teams under 5, and based on the positive response we are excited to announce that we’ve got some big plans for small teams (pun intended)!

Starting today, Premium and Business plans are available for teams of 2, 3 and 4 people. New, free and existing teams under 5 can now purchase a plan that fits their team needs. This small team solution is a result of listening to the requests from people posting in the community forum. The team at Asana is grateful for your feedback and patience. We hope you are as excited as we are about this solution for small teams!

Asana was built to help teams thrive and collaborate. Our features and pricing structure have been designed with that in mind, which is why our new plans start at 2 seats. With more flexibility in our plans, we are also standardizing our pricing structure and removing the small team discount. Your team will not be affected by this change unless you make a change to your plan.

If you have questions about your plan or pricing, our support and sales teams are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also refer to our Pricing page to assess which plan type best suits your teams needs.


Finally! Woohoo!!! Have been paying for 5 seats for nearly 3 years and only using 1 seat. While it’s wild it took this long to come out, I’m just glad it’s finally out.

Seems a bit silly that it still requires a minimum of 2 seats, but it is what it is :sweat_smile: thank you for making this change.


Step in the right direction, but agreed. This should be a simple “per seat” kind of thing. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc all do per seat. Especially for small guys… making us buy more than we need feels like a money grab.


This is a step in the right direction, for sure! Good job! Would love to see an option for one person still, though. As I’m only just starting a business, it’s only myself for now but I would still love to be able to utilise the premium features! I just don’t see why, if you’re now offering options for 2-4 people, there can’t be an option for just one seat. Seems strange to me!


I’d like to see an option for singles as well. I’ve brought dozens of companies and more users to the platform by showing them how I use it run my business. Maybe the single-seat option could be for your evangelists: Asana insiders. If
you do it, count me in!


I only have 4 seats but am paying for 5. When I clicked to reduce my seats by 1, it was more expensive. How is this helping out?

Requiring a minimum of 2 is still not a great customer experience. Lots of 1-person teams that want the premium features. SAAS margins are so high, not sure why there’s a minimum of 2 when it costs you virtually nothing.


“Asana was built to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. Our features and pricing structure have been designed with that in mind. As a result, our new plans will start at 2 seats, and at the moment, we are not exploring options to launch a plan for 1 user.”

That actually makes me really frustrated and sad.

Please explain to me why I should pay for one extra redundant seat? I only see one reason: I think that many (most?) of your users actually are 1-person teams, and you are just greedy!

I was really looking forward to a 1 seat license, even though the thread that suggested that started for almost three years ago, and had over 400 comments/requests in it.

I will start looking now for an alternative tool. I will also start spreading the word to my whole consultant network, where many are 1 person “teams”, that they should stay away from Asana, until you have fixed this really bad licensing politics.


The same happened for me when clicking on 4 seats from 5. It would have saved me $0.20/yr. You are essentially grandfathered in at the lower pricing. Changing your plan up/down any seats moves you to the new 25% higher pricing. So 4 seats at $25/user/mo = 5 seats at $20/user/mo grandfathered.

Not great, super strange, but makes sense I suppose. They don’t actually lock in grandfathered pricing. You’re better off staying with the 5 seats.

Agree with most people’s responses that it’s a step in the right direction but the plan isn’t that great since you can’t get 1 premium seat and I also think the $10/m/u is too high, should be around $5. For the jump from free to $10/m/u it’s not worth it. Just my 2 cents

A one seat would be great. I totaly agree with Tanner_Wilson. Other providers like Todoist or Trello offers solutions from just one seat. I would have no problem if this were a little more expensive than a five seats package.


I agree with pretty much everyone else’s remarks, here, regarding the premium tier adjustments; I’m very happy to see that they introduced plans below the previous 5-person limit, but it doesn’t make much sense to take the 5-person tier requirement and lower it to only 4, 3, and 2 person “teams”. I feel like it was cut short of 1-person for no apparent reason; you would still most likely make a significant amount more in premium subscription revenue off of 1-person premium plans than even your 2-3 person premium plans. Moreover, as others have already stated, the 1-person/per-person premium plan has been a top request for service options for quite some time, now.

As far as the pricing goes for what would likely be 1-person premium, I have other services that are 1-person premium that charge anywhere from $9-$15 per month for use (and most, if not all, have an annual plan discount, as well), and this has never been a major concern of mine. What I’m getting at is that $10/mo (maybe a bit less, like $8-$9/mo with an annual payment plan/subscription) seems perfectly reasonable to me for what I would be getting out of Asana’s “Premium” tools/options.

In closing, I truly hope that Asana is listening to these comments, and that they’ll reconsider their pricing plans to include 1-person “teams”. After all, those of us using Asana would LOVE to have premium access for just 1-person, and it honestly doesn’t make any sense not to offer it when you were already willing to go all the way down to 2-person “teams”.


Thanks, is much better now. I can afford Business (for 2 users) now instead of 5 Standard.

Still 2 seats is like 200% for me, hope you can allow 1 seat soon.


Are there any plans to bring Enterprise into smaller teams? We’d love some of the functionality but don’t need the numbers of seats.


Same for me. It would cost me more money to go from 5 seats to 4. So I’m still paying for a seat I’m not using.

Asana, please offer a 1-seat license too! I would buy it in a heartbeat to get access to the features. I’ve been an avid user of Asana for many years now and would love access to custom fields and timelines!

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The entire platform should be per seat. I’ve at 10 seats now and need to add 1 but I can’t afford to pay for 15 seats when I only need 11. I would have 9 seats with one to spare but I had to create a dummy account since there is no way to archive teams. You guys have made enough money in the chunks of 5 model. A per seat model would be tremendously helpful.


I use 3 seats, tried to change the plan, unfortunately the new pricing kicks in and I save only 2$ as result giving up 2 seats, if I decide to increase seats in future, than i will end up paying new price for new seats later adding to the cost.

Really hoped for 1 seat, as I wanted to use it as a personal goal setting and project/task tracking platform. I don’t entirely understand the point to make a cut at 2 seats. It will definitely hold back people who would have subscribed, when 1 seat would have been available.

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I need 1 seat in Premium and/or Business. What you’re offering and not offering is incredibly shortsighted and bad customer experience. Looking elsewhere and will recommend other products.

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