Is it possible to half-upgrade to Business?

We’re currently running on Asana Premium across about 20 people. However, there is a small handful of us who want to use the Portfolios feature under the next level (Business). Is it possible to upgrade just a few individuals to Business and leave everyone else at Premium? Or is it all or nothing? We’re reluctant to upgrade everyone as that’ll more that double our cost for functionality that only a few need. Thank you!


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In both the free and paid tiers of Asana, organization membership is defined by email domain.

This means that anyone who shares the org domain, ( is automatically considered a member and anyone who doesn’t is considered a guest (

  • In paid Workspaces, everyone counts towards your paid plan, Members and Limited Access Members (regardless of your email domain)
  • In teams, Organizations and Divisions, members with a corporate email domain (full Members and Limited Access Members) take up seats in the plan
  • Guests who do not share the corporate email domain do not count towards the paid plan and are free

More info here: Paid Plans and Pricing Per User in Asana • Asana

You could maybe consider updating one or multiple teams though and not the whole organization if that helps? Upgrade & billing options | Product guide • Asana


Thanks Andrea… I also chatted with sales and they (Carolyn) also told me it’s doable, but with one important catch:

Carolyn: Hi Doug thanks for chatting in. So you can have some on business and some on premium. The only issue would be if you need to collaborate with those on premium you’d no longer be able to if you’re on separate plans. Everyone needs to be on the same plan to collaborate.

And that’s kind of a deal-breaker for us: we still need to be able to collaborate across the company even though we’d want some users with more features that others. That’s okay though, we’ll stick on Premium for now, I just post this in case others run into similar questions.


Divisions could be a solution.

More info here: What I learned about divisions 😅

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Hey @Doug_Taylor1,
If you want to the premium users to remain in contact with the business users you could always use a workflow integration app like Unito or Zapier, (Unito is for collaboration and Zapier is for automation but both could work).
Hope this helps

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