Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

Yes! I’m working to shift from omnifocus to asana in order to improve team integration/delegation. It would be a major improvement if My Tasks could show tasks from all my Workspaces without having to toggle back and forth. In addition, when a user sorts tasks by tag (using them as “context” for instance, in GTD parlance), we should be able to see all the tasks tagged as such, not just the ones in that work space.

If I’ve got 20 minutes to return phone calls in, it doesn’t matter to me which “workspace” a call is associated with. And if I’m out running errands, it doesn’t matter to me which “workspace” the errand task supports. I just want to get things done.

In my opinion the lack of these features makes it much less effective than omnifocus for individual task and project management. I’m on the fence whether the team/communication/delegation capacity is enough to compensate for this lack.


Reading through the forum I shared the exact same frustration. It was a bit of an Asana dealbreaker for me but I believe I have found a solution
I contacted a friend who is the kind of guy who would have an answer. Lo and behold he put me onto TacoApp.

I sent them an email letting them know that The Asana community needs to know about them as they have created a brilliant workaround

you can view and manage all tasks across all workspaces, filter, update, and organise. it takes a couple of minutes to set up and is essentially a dashboard / tasklist that syncs with Asana KAPOW (hope this is useful)

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Taco users, question for you. I tried it awhile back and found it glitchy. Is it better now? I’m working across 3 workspaces.


Hey man, fancy running into you on this thread! I found this thread via a Google search. I, too, would like this feature… Hope you are well.

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Hi guys !

i was evaluating asana as a trello replacement. I love asana but the fact that you have to switch beetween each workspace to know what task you have to do is just counter productive imo.

my task button on the left top should have a toogle button in order to modify the scope beetween

  • current workspace or organisation
  • all workspace and organisation

For the moment i agree with the previous comment, this is a deal breaker for me needs. But again your tool is very good i will check again asana in 6 month to see if the problem has evolved.



Here is a Chrome extension, Asana Global Task View, that will show all your tasks across workspaces.


I started building a global ‘my tasks’ overview myself with the Asana API to solve this problem, since I too work with many different organisations. This code is still a work-in-progress, but it already works for me quite well.

What you can do with it now:

  • 4 columns overview with my tasks: Today, Upcoming, Later and New
  • Each task shows the title, the projectname (incl. asana color), workspace and due date
  • Drag and drop tasks to change priority (move from Upcoming to Today for instance)
  • Complete tasks
  • Click on tasks and it will open the task in Asana
  • You can even add new tasks in the bottom
  • The sidebar provides links to all your Asana workspaces.

What I still would like to improve:

  • Linking to a task within a project works just fine. But linking to a task that does not belong to a project or to the workspace overview ‘My Tasks’ page is not so easy. For some reason the workspace ID returned by the Asana API cannot be used for the workspace URL. So I coded these links manually in my code in the config file… See also github for more info on this. Not a big problem.
  • Mobile… I tried also to make it look nice on mobile, yet this part is still a bit buggy. Just needs some love.

You can download the code from github and host it yourself


Yes, it would be a huge help to have a consolidate view of projects from all workspaces. I am a consultant, and I run all projects through Asana. I have tried sharing with clients, even clients who use Asana, but it doesn’t work because someone has to cycle through their workspaces to see all of their tasks. I work with nonprofits, but even with a very tech savvy STEM organization, it didn’t work for that reason.

I love your solution, Sefrijn! But I don’t know how to host the file. :frowning: can you by any chance add an instruction for that in the installation for us luddites/novices? Please?

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Hi Kim. I’ve been trying Sefrijn’s tool for a month and so far I like it. It really helps me with all the messy of Asana. So I highly recommend. :smile:

I installed to it to which is a free hosting service. It could be slow sometimes but for what we need is definitely sufficient. Download the files from Sefrijn’s website and extract them to folder called “Public_Html”. That’s all. There are some editing you need to do on the php files but it explained there.

This is literally my only frustration with Asana right now and why I keep trying out other services. Make this feature and I will be happy forever. Seriously though, not being able to see all your tasks across all workspaces is a huge deterrnt for me. I want all my tasks in one window so I can prioritize correctly without having to bounce through multiple tabs. Pppplleeeaaaase. I’ll even pay extra. Just make this happen. :heart:


Hi Kim,
I’ll try to look into some kind of easy setup proces soon! Maybe this week or the next.


The lack of a “My Tasks” view across all Workspaces and Organizations is the only thing keeping me from ditching Omnifocus and becoming a paying customer.

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@Sefrijn I just installed this and am loving it! Thanks for getting the workspace ID’s in there too. It took me a minute to figure them out…the workspace URL number is easy, but to get the workspace IDs I used the API explorer of workspaces.

I would like to add that it would be good to have a global calendar, too. I.e., be able to see global tasks in a list, but also see those tasks on your calendar.

I don’t suppose there is a way for you to do this with your API method, Sefrijn? Thanks for your work on helping with this issue!


I agree with everyone on this thread. I try using Taco but it can be buggy and when you have several organizations/workspaces it will have issues. Additionally, it’s just not as user-friendly as it really needs to be. I have gotten every client that I’ve worked with to use Asana and so now I have a dropdown for all of them. It makes it difficult to plan your day or projects because it’s so disjointed. I have no idea why this hasn’t been added as a feature, even if it was view-only since some accounts are free versus paid. Another irritation is that the pricing scheme doesn’t allow for individuals to upgrade if there are less than 5 people. I am a solopreneur and so my organization is one person. I’d gladly pay for Asana if I could have access to the premium features.


I’m a solopreneur too, and am totally with you on that. I’d be so happy to pay for an upgrade just for myself, but I don’t have a team of 5!

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P.S. you might want to hit the “vote” button here:

or here:


Thanks so much. I voted for both. Asana is indeed missing out on the solopreneur and smaller teams market. I’ve been using Asana for years and it becomes increasing more difficult to use as my client list grows.


Adding my vote, and my recommendation here that this feature would be an AMAZING addition to ASANA. Please look into this!