Adding a new member to the team

If our team is full (15 people) and we need to add another person, we can just use an option of paying $10.99 per seat, right? or we will have to use this Premium Plan for the entire team and pay $10.99 per each team member (16 people)?

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The free version is available for up to 15 people and you will have to basic features only. So in your case, you’d have to create a new team / upgrade your account to add more people.
Asana’s subscription offerings increase in increments of 5 users when total users are less than or equal to 30.

Here is more info on teams vs organizations:

I hope that helps

So if we need to add more people to our team of 15 we will have to upgrade Asana’s subscription for each one or only for new members (16, 17, etc)?

It depends whether you upgrade an organization or workspace

If you have an org-free account you should be able to create another team to which you can again add max 15 people.

If you have specific questions about billing for your account then I recommend reaching out to Asana directly to discuss your options: Contact our Sales Team • Asana

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